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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Podcasting an Interview with Booker T, Washington

Your next assignment will be to create a Podcast of your interview as Booker T. Washington.  You must: have a partner be your Interviewer and you must answer at least 10 questions in character.  Remember that you are Booker T. Washington and therefore you must answer as though you were him.  For example, as Booker T. Washington you cannot list a car as a mode of transportation.

Blog post with Videos that show how to use Audacity

Ning for our Up From Slavery study
The interview questions can also be found on the Up From Slavery Ning

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday's work

Do Now: Vocabulary~Define the words within the sentences using context clues
Ms B ~ Discuss results of Friday's quiz
~ Prepare for the reading of chapters 8-9
We ~ Discussed and reviewed events within today's readings
I ~ Completed a time line with at least 10 events on it.

Homework: Begin work on blog post
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

What puzzles you?

Throughout life, we encounter difficulties… roadblocks… puzzles… things that frustrate us… that impede us… that hold us back from our future. In today’s world, the threat of having our dreams ripped from us is all too real.. between the war on terror, threats of impending global doom (global warming, 2012, giant asteroids etc.), and economic downturn, life’s “little puzzles” have grown exponentially more complex.

Rubik’s cubes have got to be the greatest invention on the face of the earth. This frustrating little puzzle has over 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations.

Your task is to develop a list of 10 things that are puzzling to you. For example:

I do not understand baggy pants
I do not know why young people curse so much
I do not get Calculus
I have no idea why Family Guy is still on tv

Create a blog entry that lists the things that frustrate you or things that you just don’t understand

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Up From Slavery"

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Our ways to communicate

First of all I would like to apologize for the inundation of electronic devices for you to keep track of and to use for class.  I am trying to consolidate a guide for each of us to follow. 

Social Media Our means of communicating with one another is as follows:
Edmodo for a message board.  We can send each other messages and assignments.

Blog pages: Blogs will be used to publish some of your work and I will use them to post subject related blogs: tech tips, journal topics, quotes, reminders, ideas and reflections.  I expect you to do the same on your blogs. 
Edublogs but they have ads so I am not impressed but they have a wonderful contest that I wanted us to participate in. 
Blogger is the one that we will continue to use in class.  Our Blog Page will be used for you to post journal responses.  In order to use it, you will have to set up a google email account and create a Blog Page in Blogger.  (we will do this in class when everyone has a computer)

Freshman EBoard May be used to post announcements and reminders.

Wiki Pages These will serve as my class website and as your electronic portfolios.
We will be using several wikipages for different reasons to produce different publications.
Ms Burton is Online, Scholarly Submissions, Wikis Across the World, Star Crossed Lovers, Current Events, No Place Like Home

Google Docs to use for class

OnLine Testing
HRW Online and Discovery Student

English I LiveBinder Here is a compilation of the websites that we will be using in class.

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